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Communist Party of Cuba against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation

By: Francisco Rodríguez Cruz

A CubaNews translation. Edited by Walter Lippmann

I bought it this morning at my nearest news-stand and I first read it throughout while standing in the bus, then after I found a seat and finally in my office. I devoured the base document for the National Conference of the Communist Party of Cuba to be held next January. It was published last Friday and contains two explicit references to sexual orientation, something unheard of in our country.

Among the objectives that the Party must focus on heretofore- which will be discussed by all grass roots members- are these two:

54. Confront racial, gender, religious, sexual orientation and other prejudices that may generate any form of discrimination or limit people from exercising their rights to, among others, occupy public posts, and participate in the political and mass organizations and in the defense of the country.

65. To reflect in the audiovisual media, the printed and digital press Cuban reality in all its diversity regarding the economic, labor and social situation, gender, skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and territorial origin.

Furthermore, the document’s introduction states that “the current challenges require (…) confronting prejudices and discrimination of all kinds that still persist in society”.

There is much more to be said about these purposes which we Cuban militants will be discussing shortly. These reflect the numerous consultations conducted after the VI Party Congress held last April where in some of them I was able to voice my personal views together with othe activists of the LGBT groups within the social networks of CENESEX (National Center for Sexual Education), and also with regards to the press.

With regards to the specific topic of sexual diversity, the enunciation is sufficiently broad to cover a series of transformations that are necessary to guarantee respect for the free sexual orientation and gender identity in Cuba. This has to do with the legal status of homosexual unions and the participation of LGBT persons in responsibilities of any kind, including military institutions.

The issues are on the table but substantiating, persuading, establishing and regulating will be no easy tasks. There is still much to be done.


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  1. Willie Pilkington / FriendoftheCubanpeople

    It is esential for all people of all Countries around the World to be equal without exception. When the Cuban Revolution took place there was a great hope within Cuba and around the World that finally all people in Cuba would be truly free and equal without exception. Unfortunately that idealistic hope has not been realized to date and the Cuban government leadership has not lived up to the promise that total human equality was foremost at the heart of their purpose and responsibility. Total Equality within the Cuban society and within the Cuban government of people based on sexual orientation, gender status, gender identity, marital status, Nationality, economic status, political identity or affiliation, race or skin color is essential if a people is to truly be at peace with itself and the World. I can only hope that one day not only will Cuba be a place where the World looks to for a great place to hold up as an example of real success with sustainable economic and governmental overhall, but of a true example of real societal total citizen equality on all levels. I further hope that at some point soon, all people of the World will be able to conduct business with and within Cuba, freely for the social and economic good of the Cuban people. What ever it is politically and egotistically that causes the Cuban government and the United States government to not be able to be equal Nations in the eyes of the other, I hope ends soon so the healing can take place among our people.


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