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Cuban Disabled Athlete Sets World Record in Ball Control

Lazaro Curbelo Pupo set a new world record in ball contro.


Cuban disabled athlete Lazaro Curbelo Pupo set a new world record in ball control when he hit a football 183 times without letting it touch ground while carrying 105 pounds on his shoulders.

This is the sixth such record for Curbelo, who suffers from dwarfism, and has become an expert on ball control with weights.

“I felt a little nervous because I hadn’t tried a new record for over a year. I had to call on all my will to overcome the challenge. After so much sacrifice I couldn’t let down all the people that loves me and came to see me”.

Curbelo explained ACN he started in this sport 10 years ago and that despite being handicapped he still has big dreams that make him feel as an important person in Cuba.

“That’s why I wish that some day my dream comes true: to shake Commander in Chief Fidel Castro’s hand, who has helped many people like me”, he said.

His coach Douglas Hernadez, also a Guinness record holder, praised his pupil: “He is a very earnest person. He trains very hard, with lots of discipline. He sacrifices many things to later achieve these results”.

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