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Trump Policy Towards Cuba Is Doomed to Fail, Says French Intellectual


French intellectual, Salim Lamrani, said in an article published today that the policy towards Cuba by the government of Donald Trump in the United States is doomed to fail and clings to an anachronistic strategy.

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“Don’t mess with Cuba,” civil society responds to provocation in Lima

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Close to 200 members of Cuban civil society, meeting in Havana for the 2nd “Thinking the Americas” forum, broke into applause when diplomat Juan Antonio Fernández denounced the provocation of an anti-Cuban grouplet in Lima, Peru.
“Don’t mess with Cuba,” insisted the Cuban diplomat, referring to the offensive comments of Jorge Luis Vallejo, a member of the so-called Latin American Network of Youth for Democracy

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The United States expands economic sanctions against Venezuela

Venezuela Cabello

The U.S. government continued its attacks on Venezuela with the broadening of economic sanctions March 19, singling out four former and current officials of President Nicolás Maduro’s administration.

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Can the Monroe Doctrine triumph in the 21st century?

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Can the United States achieve its current goals to dominate Latin America and the Caribbean with a doctrine based on principles from the 19th century? Although many of us would like to answer this question with a resounding “No!” and insist that our region is well prepared to defend itself against the 1823 pretensions of President James Monroe, with his “America for Americans” .

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Multilateralism and Fight Against the Blockade – Cuba’s Priorities


In a summary of the main results last year of Cuban foreign policy, which publishes on its website, the Foreign Ministry stressed, on account of the economic, commercial and financial siege, the international accompaniment in the call for the end of that unilateral measure imposed since over 55 years.

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Anti-Cuban provocation plot foiled on eve of elections

Eleciones consejo Popular

An attempt has been made to orchestrate a new act of anti-Cuban provocation from abroad, through the awarding of a “prize” with the aim of interfering in the internal affairs of Cuba, generating instability, affecting the country’s image and Cuba’s diplomatic relations with other States.

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Unilateral decision by the United States government is politically motivated

cossio eeuu

The decision by the United States Government, which unilaterally maintains the drawdown of its staff at the U.S. Embassy in Cuba indefinitely, is politically motivated and has no relation whatsoever to the safety and security of its officials in Havana, said the General Director for U.S. Affairs of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernández de Cossío in his statement to the press.

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U.S. makes cuts to embassy staff in Havana official

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From March 5, the United States Embassy in Havana will operate as an “unaccompanied post,” according to an official media note from the U.S. Department of State, published March 2. The document explains that “The U.S. Embassy in Havana has operated under ordered departure status since September 29, 2017, due to health attacks affecting U.S. Embassy Havana employees.

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Cuba continues to attract cruise lines despite tightening of the U.S. blockade


The culture, security and natural beauty of Cuba continue to attract the cruise industry, despite the measures of the current U.S. administration that reinforce the blockade. U.S. company Carnival Cruise Line announced that in 2019 it will offer 17 new trips to Cuba on board the Carnival Sensation, with five-day trips departing from South Florida.

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Micara Makes History in Cuba-US Regatta


Cuban flag and crew vessel MICARA anchored in the Ernest Hemingway International Sailing Club of Havana Thursday -west of the Cuban capital- as part of the Saint Petersburgh-Havana Regatta. After almost three days of navigation, the vessel Micara with three crew members arrived in the Hemingway International Sailing Club.