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U.S. blockade sees British Cuba Solidarity Campaign bank accounts close

Banco Bloqueo

THERE are many examples of the extraterritorial character of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for over half a century. The cases range from multi-million dollar fines against banks or companies for doing business with Cuba, to the refusal to provide services to persons or entities that have some link with the island.

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Raúl receives Federal President of Austria

Raul y Pdet Austria Palacio

During the friendly encounter, the two leaders discussed the positive state of bilateral relations, celebrating their 70th anniversary this year, and their desire to gradually strengthen trade, economic and cooperation ties. They also addressed topics of mutual interest on the international agenda.

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Cuba and Austria sign bilateral agreement on Cuban debt

Austria, comercio cuba

Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, a Council of Ministers vice president, held a working meeting in the afternoon of Wednesday, March 2, with Rudolf Scholten, director general of the Austrian Control Bank. The two undertook a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and the outlook for economic, commercial and financial relations between the two countries, considering the results of the Cuba-Austria Business Forum, held earlier that the day.

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Unilever among first European companies in Mariel

unilever productos

“It is an honor to be among the first companies to receive authorization from the Cuban government for a joint investment in Mariel and contribute to the development of the county and wellbeing of the population, in keeping with Unilever’s Sustainable Living Plan,” stated Fabio Prado, president of Unilever Mexico & Caribbean, speaking to Granma International.

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The second Cuban Trade Minister to visit Washington in four decades

malmierca eeuu

In early October 1977, some 70 U.S. businesspeople gathered in Washington to demand the lifting of the blockade against Cuba. The meeting had an unusual guest, the then Minister of Foreign Trade of the island, Marcelo Fernández Font. Theatmosphere was favorable. A thawin relations betweenthe James Carter administration and Havana had begun, and that same yearinterest officeswere openedin both capitals.Travelto Cubaby U.S. citizenswas fully authorized, although this onlylasted a shortperiod.

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U.S. tractor company to set up shop in Cuba

Tractor USA CUba

Without even touching Cuba soil, tractors manufactured by the U.S. company Cleber LLC are already making their mark on international public opinion and relations between Washington and Havana.

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Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment to visit U.S.

marmierca y Penny

Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex), Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz, will make a working visit to the U.S., February 15-18, leading a delegation of representatives from Mincex, the Ministry of Foreign Relations, the Central Bank of Cuba, the Cuban Chamber of Commerce and directors of national entities, according to the Cubaminrex website.

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U.S. approves granting of credit to Cuba

Cuba aeropuerto Check in

The most important element of the Obama administration’s new package is the authorization of credit to Cuba by U.S. banks, based both within and outside of the country, as well as other countries’ banks operating in the United States, for the purchase of approved exports or re-exports, with the exception of agricultural sales, which by law require payment in cash, in advance.

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First eight companies in Mariel Special Development Zone introduced

Mariel reunion

Luis Alberto González, President de Richmeat, is a Mexican meat processing company with a 15-year history in Cuba, explained that their factory in Mariel will process 1,000 tons a month and will hire 25-45 Cuban workers. The plant will begin operations with meat imported from Mexico, but the plan is to move toward acquiring it from Cuban ranchers.

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Havana Trade Fair showcases Cuba’s best

Feria  de LA HABANA

Given the leadership role of these in the national economy, and the potential for their development, these projects are meant to make Cuba’s best available around the world, according to Lietsa Peña, exports director for the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment.
Cuba’s biotechnology enterprise group, Bio CubaFarma, and the country’s Commercial Medical Services Distributor have formed a strategic alliance to offer seven programs to other countries which can positively impact healthcare and quality of life.