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The Revolution, Raúl’s most beautiful work

Raul libro

Granma presents excerpts from the June 2 book presentation held in the Palace of the Revolution’s Reception Hall, with the presence of Party First Secretary and President Miguel Díaz-Canel, the country’s top leadership, and Army General Raul Castro’s brothers in arms, Rebel Army Comandante José Ramón Machado Ventura, and Comandantes del la Revolución Ramiro Valdés Menéndez and Guillermo García Frías.

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Mini-industries key to making the most of production

Cuba industria

Since the Agricultural Enterprise Group (GAG) affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture was established five years ago, this entity’s policy has been to prioritize the development of its entire enterprise system, with the creation of agro-industrial companies, to close the production cycle with the highest possible value added to agricultural produce. Leonardo Martínez López, GAG director of Industries and Marketing, commented on the effort in a meeting with the press revisiting the process.

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US magazine asks for uplifting of US blockade on Cuba


Going through the worst phase of the pandemic Covid-19 in Cuba, the uplifting of the US blockade would be clearly the most rational and humanitarian action, CovertAction magazine told today. The US publication makes an extensive analysis of the situation in that Caribbean nation as a result of the recent repudiation in UN General Assembly by 184 countries of Washington’ s blockade policies. In another part of their evaluations, the analysis dealt with the increase of pressure so that the White House softens at least the policy against the Cuban people.

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The Party must work to ensure that there is no problem without solution

Canel Villa clara

Honoring the 90th birthday of Army General Raul Castro Ruz with work to consolidate the agreements of the 8th Party Congress, the Central Committee Secretariat, led by its First Secretary, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, met with leaders of the organization in Villa Clara and Cienfuegos. One idea prevailed during the meeting of the Communist Party of Cuba’s Central Committee Secretariat, led by its First Secretary, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, with leaders in the province of Villa Clara.

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The good fortune of having Raúl

Raul y Fidel

Compañero Raúl, who has prepared, conducted and led this process of generational continuity with tenacity, with no attachment to positions or responsibilities, a heightened sense of duty and of the historic moment, with serenity, maturity, confidence, revolutionary firmness, with altruism and modesty, on the basis of his own merits, authority and because Cuba needs him, will be consulted regarding the most important strategic decisions impacting the nation’s destiny.

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Millions of U.S. dollars for subversion: Is Cuba a priority or not?

CUba subversion

The State Department insists that Cuba is not a priority, but, once again, the administration is digging into the pockets of the nation’s taxpayers to pay for attacks on the Revolution, 20 million dollars for subversion this year alone. Although every hostile U.S. government act against Cuba adds to the imperial power’s record of aggression.

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A Mambí with his foot always “in the stirrup”

Raul castro cumple

When on July 26, 1953 Raul Castro snatched the pistol wielded by a Batista police chief attempting to take him prisoner in the Santiago de Cuba Court and pointed the gun at his would-be captors, in less than a second he radically changed the course of the history he was living, saving not only his life and those of his comrades, but also a piece of the Revolution that had begun to take shape that very day.

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For the first time ever, Cuban baseball out of Olympic competition

Yariel Rodriguez pelotero

Cuba, once again, was defeated by Canada. The national team had a chance against the northerners, just as was the case against Venezuela, but came up short in attention to the details, that count big-time in baseball. There were too many mistakes for a game of vital importance: The opening pitcher failed again and was replaced in the first inning.

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Díaz-Canel receives Argentine Minister of Health

canel ministra argentina

First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and President of the Republic Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, on the morning of May 29, received Dr. Carla Vizzotti, Minister of Health of the Republic of Argentina. Dr. Vizzotti, accompanied by Cecilia Nicolini, special advisor to the Argentine Presidency, made a working visit to our country.

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Politicization of U.S. immigration policy costs lives

cuba emigracion

“The closure of the U.S. Consulate in Havana, the transfer of services to third countries and the maintenance of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 threaten safe, orderly and regular migration,” the Foreign Minister stated, in a clear allusion to the causes that lead to regrettable events such as the recent rescue of eight persons and the recovery of two bodies following the sinking of their boat near Key West, Florida.