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The Sandino commitment

fidel y chavez

On August 21, in 2005, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez broadcast number 231 of his television program “Aló Presidente” with Fidel at his side, from the municipality of Sandino, in the Cuban province of Pinar del Río. It was an especially hot day in the Villa Bolívar neighborhood, where 150 dwellings had been erected for families left homeless by hurricanes; the hustle and bustle was unusual. Word traveled fast, yes, Chávez and Fidel were there, speaking to all of Venezuela over the air.

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Cuban women on all fronts

mujkeres  homenaje

José Ramón Machado Ventura, Party Central Committee second secretary and a Council of Ministers vice president, presented the awards and emphasized that Cuban women “must be, and are, on all fronts in our country.”
The Distinction was granted by the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), on the occasion of its 55th anniversary, to deserving individuals based on their professional and social careers; their ethical, revolutionary values; their exemplary conduct in areas such as government, the judiciary, science, production, the arts, culture and sports.

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John Kerry arrives in Havana tomorrow to open U.S. embassy


Given the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, this past the July 20, Secretary of State John Kerry will arrives Havana tomorrow, August 14, for the official opening of the U.S. embassy in Cuba. This is the first visit by a U.S. Secretary of State to the island since 1945, when Edward R. Stettinius was here, during the administration of Harry S. Truman.

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Reality and dreams


Writing is a way to be useful if you believe that our long-suffering humanity must be better, and more fully educated, given the incredible ignorance in which we are all enveloped, with the exception of researchers who in the sciences seek satisfactory answers. This is a word which implies in a few letters its immense content.

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Presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua praise example of Fidel


Venezuelan President, Ni colás Maduro, praised historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro’s work in defense of humanity’s just causes, according to the Ministry of Communication and Information’s website. During his television program En Contacto con Maduro (In contact with Maduro), broadcast every Tuesday evening, the Head of State called the Cuban leader the “revolutionary commander of Latin America and the Caribbean.”

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Evo Morales expresses his admiration and respect for the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution

Evo cumple Fidel

“I am very pleased and happy to accompany our brother Fidel Castro on his birthday,” the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, stated on arriving in Havana on Wednesday night to participate in the celebrations for the 89th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution. Speaking to the press on arrival at the José Martí International Airport, the President stressed his admiration and respect for Fidel and said he had learned much from him.

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Walking New York With Cuba’s Revolutionary Poet


Which way to walk in an endless city? Where to start when a place has so much to offer? Toward the Hudson or the East River? Broadway or Wall Street? Central Park or Greenwich Village? Zuccotti Park or the Empire State Building? The enormous scar of Ground Zero or the Statue of Liberty? To see a little of everything or a little bit in depth? What happens if you walk with the nineteenth century veil of José Martí’s New York chronicles?

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ALBA foreign ministers denounce destabilization attempts

Reunion ALBA

Foreign ministers and other senior officials of member countries of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba-TCP) yesterday reaffirmed their unanimous position rejecting the destabilizing attempts against progressive and democratic governments of the region.

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Cuba nationalizes U.S. companies

Fidel 55 años atras

As an aggressive move against the Cuban people in 1960, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s administration reduced Cuba’s sugar quota – the market share allotted to Cuba. ( – Spanish). Congress awarded the President the authority to make such a decision, allowing him to use regulatory mechanisms for the purpose of coercion and reprisals against the Cuban Revolution.

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Raúl meets with President of El Salvador

Raul y ceren

President Raúl Castro Ruz held a meeting with his counterpart from El Salvador, Salvador Sánchez Cerén, President of the sister republic. The two leaders reaffirmed the positive bilateral relations shared by their countries and discussed prospects for expanding cooperation. They additionally addressed issues of mutual interest on the international and regional agenda, in particular progress in efforts to promote the integration of Latin America and the Caribbean