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Vice Chancellor of Germany visits Cuba

aleman vicecanciller

Germany’s Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister of Economy and Energy, Sigmar Gabriel, arrived to Cuba on the morning of January 6, making an official visit to the island. Gabriel was received by Rogelio Sierra, Cuba’s deputy minister of Foreign Relations. On his first visit to Cuba, the Vice Chancellor was accompanied by various German businesspeople.

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A year later, the blockade remains in full force

bloqueo  congreso EU

The Apollo spacecraft landing on the moon, the lifting of the prohibition of alcohol in Mississippi and the end of racial segregation, are the stuff of history books in the United States. However, these three events all postdate the implementation of the economic, political and financial blockade against Cuba. Many may wonder how it is possible that this relic of the Cold War remains in force today, despite being condemned every year at the UN by the vast majority of the international community, even after Havana and Washington opened a new chapter in their bilateral relations

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Speech delivered by Army General Raúl Castro in de Six session of de National Assembly

Raul en asamblea Nac

A year of intensive work and positive results for our country is about to end. We have been quite busy during the last few days: The Council of Ministers met on the eighteenth to discuss, among other issues broadly covered by the media, the performance of the national economy this year as well as the economic plan and budget proposed for the year 2016, which were approved today by this Assembly.

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Cuban social programs will continue to benefit of collaboration


Cuba will continue making possible the cooperation of international organizations and foreign governments towards priority sectors of the country such as food, energy, hydraulics, sanitation, public health and education.

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Raúl congratulates ICAP


Esteemed workers of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples:

55 years have passed since the Co­mandante en Jefe created ICAP, under the premise that offering solidarity would always be a essential component of the Revolution.

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Josefina Vidal assures that Cuba and the U.S. have made progress

josefina vidal

We can say that Cuba and the United States have made progress in their relations, with a marked difference from the preceding stage, Josefina Vidal Ferreiro, Ministry of Foreign Relations director general for the United States, stated this Wednesday, December 16, in Havana. Vidal announced that the delegations from the two countries meeting in Washington since December 14 to negotiate issues regarding civil aviation, have made significant progress and are close to reaching a memorandum of understanding for the establishment of regular fligh

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Cuban tourism: broad foreign investment opportunities


Together with food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, tourism features among key spheres opening the doors to Cuban development. In a recent interview, the President of Cuba’s Chamber of Commerce, Orlando Hernández, noted the importance of foreign resources, in the form of credit (the country is currently unable to access certain sources given blockade restrictions) or investments, in helping to achieve greater domestic growth.

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Possible attacks against the Revolution

Venezuela ASmablea

The fate of a social revolution which has lasted 17 years, against the tide of the universal capitalist model and in resistance to foreign contempt and the boycott from the enemy within, hangs in the balance. Its immediate future will be decided by the balance of power resulting from the recent elections, which will signal either continuity or reversal.

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Raúl receives the President of Costa Rica

Raul y Costa Rica

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers, received Luis Guillermo Solís, President of the Republic of Costa Rica this Tuesday, December 15, during an official visit to the island.In a cordial atmosphere, the two leaders exchanged views on the good state of bilateral relations and agreed on the desire to strengthen them. They also discussed various issues on the international agenda.

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Raúl receives President of Cape Verde

Raul y Cabo verde

During the cordial meeting the two leaders discussed the positive state of bilateral relations – celebrating their 40th anniversary this year – and agreed on the desire to develop them. They likewise addressed various issues on the international agenda. The distinguished visitor was accompanied by the honorable Dr. António Correia e Silva, minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation; Ambassador of Cape Verde to Cuba, Daniel Oliveira; and Arnaldo Delgado, diplomatic advisor to the president