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dc Oriente ladrillosBeginning this year we must begin to reach several milestones in the construction of housing, President Diaz-Canel said, upon summarizing a meeting to analyze the work of the Ministry of Construction (Micons) in 2018 and its short-term projections.

The President highlighted that the construction sector is of great importance, given its relationship to the progress of all economic and social programs; and called for greater quality and efficiency in the investment process.

Regarding shortages of middle management personnel, a topic debated at the meeting, the President called for attention to the advantages of shorter university level study programs, through which the sector could develop a qualified workforce in less time, in addition to working with polytech high schools.Given reports of violations of consumption norms for fuel and materials, Díaz-Canel expressed the concern that this opens the door to theft and other illegalities, behaviors that must be resolutely confronted, he said.The condition of roads across the country was described as worrisome, and must be addressed with the same urgency and methods as housing construction.FOREIGN MINISTRY ANALYZES ITS WORK IN 2018The President of the Councils of State and of Ministers also participated in an expanded board of directors meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Amongst us all, he said, we must defend the legacy of Comandate en Jefe Fidel Castro in foreign affairs.The Cuban Revolution’s foreign policy remains the same and will be, we must all contribute to that, he said.In evaluating central aspects of the country’s foreign policy in 2018, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla addressed the many challenges facing the Ministry.It was emphasized that in the past year Cuba continued a “foreign policy of peace, cooperation, and solidarity, in defense of international law, sustainable development, and the promotion of more just economic relations for developing countries.”Bilateral relations with the United States were described as challenging by several participants in the discussion.At the regional level, Cuba’s solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela and our commitment to the unity of progressive forces and social movements in Latin America and the Caribbean were emphasized.


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