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Video Supporting Cuban 5 Released in USA


The International Committee to Free the Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States screened a new video on social networking sites in solidarity with them. This is the eighth video of this kind produced by the International Committee placed at the YouTube website, with the objective of reaching varied audiences, said the

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U.S.A Reaffirms Blockade Policy against Cuba


The U.S. government reaffirmed its blockade policy against Cuba by imposing a fine on a company in this country for doing business with the Caribbean island. The Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Treasury Department (OFAC) forced the company Great Western Malting Co. to pay 1 347 750 USD for allowing the sale of barley

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Lugo Denounces in Russia Paraguayan Coup


Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo denounced again the conduct of a parliamentary coup and the fragile democracy in his country in an interview published today by the Russian press. There was a parliamentary coup that excluded overnight an elected president by the majority of the country, Lugo denounced in an interview with Channel Russia Today (RT). Much of the Paraguayan media says “that nothing happened here, that everything is quiet, no representation or dead, no blood,” the statesman said.

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OAS Paraguay Decision Still Pending Despite Insulza´s Report


A final decision on the position adopted by the OAS in the case of Paraguay remains pending, despite the favorable report from secretary general, José Miguel Insulza to the government of Federico Franco, being challenged both inside and outside the country. The executive that emerged from the parliamentary coup which ousted President Fernando Lugo showed some impatience yesterday to verify whether Insulza’s proposal, equivalent to leaving everything as is, had any support at all among member states of the organization.

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OAS members to critically examine Insulza´s Report


The report presented by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Jose Miguel Insulza, about the situation in Paraguay passed today to a critical scrutiny by the member countries from that organization. Described as biased and intentionally far from the country’s reality by some Paraguayan politicians and social organizations, the report pretends to alienate any kind of condemnation to the parliamentary coup that removed Constitutional President Fernando Lugo from office. After Insulza’s statements were analyzed by different OAS member governments, a new special regional meeting will be held, to adopt a definitive resolution about the issue.

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Russia’s Premier Medvedev meets Cuban President


Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has met on Wednesday with Cuban President Raul Castro, who kicked off on Tuesday a working visit to Russia. The Cuban head of state arrived in the Russian capital, Moscow, after touring long-time friends China and Vietnam.

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Raul Castro to Begin Russia’s Work Visit

Raúl Castro

Cuban President Raul Castro will carry out a working visit to Russia as of tomorrow, after a tour that took him to China and Vietnam, official sources reported. According to the note, the statesman will be accompanied by Minister Council Vice President Ricardo Cabrisas and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez. Raul Castro will meet with that country’s President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, and pay tribute to the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, Vladimir Ilich Lenin, Cuban media reported.

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The Need to Enrich Our Knowledge

The Need to Enrich Our Knowledge

The filmed scenes of the massacre in Libya, starting to be seen, offend for their total absence of humanism and the crass lies that served as an excuse for invading and taking over the natural resources of that country. With more than 25,000 combat missions, NATO air forces backed up the monstrous crime.

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Cuban Authorities Remove Illegal Occupants from Church

Basílica Menor de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad en La Habana

Cuban authorities, at the request of the Archbishopric of Havana, removed a group of 13 persons who illegally occupied the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Charity, in this capital. According to a press release from the religious institution, the measure was taken after over 48 hours of uninterrupted and non-authorized stay within the temple by those persons.

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Putin Wins Russian Presidential Elections


Central Electoral Commission (CEC) Head Vladimir Churov on Monday announced the extra-official result of the presidential elections, in which Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin won 63.75 percent of votes. Churov stated that, after counting more than 99.9 percent of the ballots, Putin had 45,109,640 votes. The turnout was 65.3 percent, five points above the December 4 parliamentary elections.