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Cultured Cuba, living Cuba

obra lesbia vent dumois

Cuban intellectual Roberto Fernández Retamar explained long ago, with the insight of a teacher, the usefulness of a poem, song or play for the true man, let’s say human being in all his or her fullness. Although a rifle or dagger can save us from death at the hands of an enemy, another weapon, born of, “manufactured” and enjoyed by the spirit, has saved us from a greater evil, that of an empty soul.

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The celebrated “like” in defining times

cartel cultura cuba miami

There was a time when leaving or staying in Cuba was considered a political decision. Going to Miami, or ending up there, instead of some other city in another country, was something that in many minds acquired importance. But it was practically impossible for a Cuban artist to continue his career in Miami without paying political tribute to the anti-Fidel.

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Pedro de Oraá wins 2015 National Prize for Visual Arts

Pedro Ora premio

Pedro de Oraá, winner of the 2015 National Prize for Visual Arts, at the Zona Franca exposition. Photo: CNAP
IN recognition of his lifetime achievements, painter, writer and critic Pedro de Oraá was awarded the 2015 National Prize for Visual Arts, granted annually by the Cuba’s National Visual Arts Council.