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Tropical Storm Ian will intensify this Sunday

cono-2-ciclon ian

Tropical storm Ian during this morning has gained in organization, although it remains with little change in its intensity. It continues with maximum sustained winds of 85 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, and a central pressure of 1002 hectoPascal. Its movement has turned towards the west-northwest, slowing down to 19 kilometers per hour. At six in the morning, its central region was estimated at 15.0 degrees North latitude and 78.9 degrees West longitude.

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Impact of tropical storm Laura across the country

arcoiris huracan

From East to West, Cuba is working feverishly on recovery, following the rapid transit of tropical storm Laura across the island, re-establishing electrical and telephone service, harvesting crops in fields, planting to replace losses, and repairing damage to homes and other buildings. Granma presents provincial reports outlining estimates of the principal damages and impact recorded thus far.

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What can we expect this hurricane season?

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The hurricane season officially began June 1, in our geographical area of interest, which includes the tropical Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, and ends November 30. Meteorology enthusiasts have seen seasonal forecasts on social media issued by various institutions abroad, referring to the probable number of cyclonic organisms to be expected in 2020, with the peculiarity of the emergence in May of extemporaneous tropical storms Arthur and Bertha.

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Tropical storm Erika approaching Cuba

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he National Meteorological Institute’s Weather Forecast Center issued a category nine warning as Tropical Storm Erika approaches Cuba’s eastern region. Territories from Guantánamo to Ciego de Ávila are expect to experience heavy and localized rainfall this Saturday, in addition to strong winds and gusts which could reach up to 65–100 km/h as Erika moves north-westwards.