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Cuba’s prestige buries U.S. maneuvers in World Health Organization

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Our country’s election to the PAHO Executive Committee, along with Surinam and Brazil, was supported by all member states, except the United States, reflecting respect for Cuban Public Health and the failure of desperate imperialist maneuvers. Neither the United States’ defamatory campaign to discredit and obstruct Cuban medical cooperation, nor its financial extortion of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) could prevent Cuba from being elected to the Executive Committee of the regional body for a three-year term.

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Medical brigade that worked in Dominica returns to Cuba


The Cuban medical brigade that served in the Commonwealth of Dominica in the confrontation with Covid-19 will return to Cuba this Sunday, after six months of solidarity work in that neighboring country. The group made up of 35 health specialists from the internationalist Henry Reeve contingent treated 4,627 patients, saved 52 lives and carried out 23,997 nursing procedures.

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Cuban doctors make history again in the Peruvian Andes


A group of Cuban health professionals completed their first week of work against Covid-19 in this city in the Andes of northern Peru, which could well be considered the capital of solidarity between both countries.The 27 Cubans re- enact the altruism of the pioneers of Cuban medical solidarity with Peru, who arrived half a century ago in Huaraz to save lives among the rubble of the city devastated by an earthquake in 1970.

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Without Borders: North Africa and the Middle East on the Cuban Collaborative Map (II)


Among the priorities of this relationship are: culture, economy, health and environment. One of the institutions of greatest prominence in the balance of cooperation is the Kuwait Fund for Arab Development[2], from which the Caribbean island has been able to access soft loans with a payment range of up to 20 years and, in addition, 2 percent interest.

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Without Borders: Cuban Doctors in Latin America and the Caribbean in the Context of COVID-19 (I)


The Latin American and Caribbean region continues to be the most unequal region in the world in terms of income distribution among its population, with an average Gini index of 0.465 in 2018. The SARS Cov-2 virus does not take into account the conditions social to infect a person. However, belonging to a social status does make you more vulnerable to acquiring it and developing the disease.

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Cuban and Kenyan Foreign Ministers discuss efforts to win release of abducted doctors

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True to the principle of never abandoning a single one of our sons or daughters, cautious, ongoing efforts continue to ensure the safe return of two Cuban doctors abducted in Kenya, while serving on an internationalist collaborative mission there. Via his official Twitter account, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla reported, August 28, that he had held a lengthy dialogue with his Kenyan counterpart to address the sensitive issue.

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A Cuban nurse saves an Algerian infant

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The infant is safe, he will not be among the 15,000 children under five years of age who are dying everyday of poverty and curable diseases, according to UNICEF. Another African child, in this case Algerian, has lost a mother, much too soon. She left without hearing the baby babble the sacred syllable and word; the first words that every human attempts to utter: “Ma, ma; mama.”

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Díaz-Canel: You took the light of hope, affection and solidarity on these missions

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“…You took the light of hope, affection and solidarity on these missions,” stated the President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, addressing health professionals who, as part of the Henry Reeve Contingent, joined the COVID-19 battle in the Italian city of Turin and in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, during a meeting July 29, held at the La Pradera International Health Center to welcome them home, in which Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz also participated, among other national authorities.

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Cuba makes its La Paz clinic available to the Bolivian people


uba makes the clinic available to the Bolivian people, denouncing its usurpation by the coup government and demanding immediate respect for its rights as the legitimate owner of the building via diplomatic notes No. 1079/20, from the Republic of Cuba’s Ministry of Foreign Relations, April 13, 2020; and No. 26/20, dated June 18, 2020, from the Cuban embassy in La Paz, respectively, to which no response has been received.

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Cuba’s truth versus the paid lie

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A crude anti-Cuban maneuver failed July 3, at the 44th ordinary session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), orchestrated by a mercenary in the service of the U.S. government, in collusion with right wing extremists in Miami. Diplomat Jairo Rodríguez Hernández, member of the Cuban Permanent Mission in Geneva, responded to the slanderous comments made by Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, in an attempt to discredit our country’s international medical cooperation.