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Officers and workers who contributed to the extinction of the fire at the Matanzas supertanker base are decorated

homenaje06-580x396With the presence of the first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, the award ceremony was held this Wednesday for those who, at the risk of their own lives, contributed significantly to extinguishing the fire of large proportions occurred at the beginning of the month at the super tanker base in Matanzas.

In the ceremony held in the Laguito Protocol Hall, in Havana, the work of officers and workers from the Ministry of the Interior and the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the fire and rescue corps, as well as workers from other agencies of the Central State Administration, who participated directly in extinguishing the fire and assisting the victims.

At the proposal of the Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Antonio Maceo Order was awarded to a group of official and civilian workers who, demonstrating high combative qualities, leadership capacity and command of the cadres, contributed to making decisions to put out the fire and reduce the loss of human lives and material resources.

Similarly, at the proposal of the Ministry of the Interior, the June 6 Second Degree Order was awarded to six officers and one civil worker, for their outstanding participation in the work of extinguishing the fire.

Also at the proposal of the FAR, it was decided to award the Third Degree Order for Service to the Homeland to 18 officers who are part of the helicopter crew, and the Ignacio Agramonte Medal to 11 officers who participated in the construction of the wall of containment to stop fuel spillage.

At the ceremony, the Calixto García Medal was also awarded to a representation of FAR officers and civilian workers who helped save lives and preserve economic resources that were in the perimeters close to the incident.

Likewise, medals were awarded to Minint officers who, from their specialties, ensured the mission assigned to the firefighters to extinguish the fire, and who were at the scene of the event at the time of the explosion of tank 52, resulting in injuries. Several of them.

These decorations will be awarded posthumously to the firefighters and workers who died as a result of the fire, in acts that will take place in their respective provinces.

Officials awarded this Wednesday commented to Cubadebate that the recognition constitutes a tribute to the people of Matanzas, in particular, and of Cuba, in general, who at all times accompanied the firefighters and other specialists who did not stop working until they went out the flames

Several members of the Political Bureau of the CCPCC, State and Government leaders, as well as political and mass organizations participated in the act.

The fire of great proportions, unprecedented in the history of the country, began on August 5 due to an electrical discharge. It caused the death of 16 people and injuries to dozens.

(By Claudia Fonseca SosaIsmael Francisco/ Cubadebate)

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