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Syria denounces that the United States intensifies the theft of its oil


US troops are “stealing” Syria’s natural resources, taking dozens of tanker trucks loaded with national oil out of the Arab country, reports the SANA agency.

The “thefts” have intensified in recent days, and only this Sunday morning a convoy of 137 trucks took the hydrocarbon from the oil fields of the Jazira region, in the northeast of the country, to the US military bases in Iraq. .

The news agency denounces that the looting of crude oil is being carried out in complicity with the opposition militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which have the support of Washington.

They act “like pirates”SANA previously reported that on August 16, the US “occupation forces” removed another 65 tanker trucks loaded with oil from that same region. In addition, until that date, in the course of a week, crude oil would have been taken to the US bases in Iraq aboard 398 heavy vehicles.

US troops illegally control territories in northern and northeastern Syria, where the largest oil and gas fields in the Arab country are located. The Syrian government has repeatedly asked Washington to leave its territory, denouncing that US forces act “like pirates” by looting its oil wealth in the region.

In December 2019, the former US president, Donald Trump, declared that “the only soldiers” that the North American country has in the area are those that “control” the crude, so “we have the oil and we can do with him whatever we want.”

The Syrian authorities, including the president himself, Bashar al Assad, have repeatedly condemned the looting of their resources by Washington without ruling out taking legal action against them.

(Taken from RT in Spanish)

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