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Millions of U.S. dollars for subversion: Is Cuba a priority or not?

CUba subversionThe State Department insists that Cuba is not a priority, but, once again, the administration is digging into the pockets of the nation’s taxpayers to pay for attacks on the Revolution, 20 million dollars for subversion this year alone

Although every hostile U.S. government act against Cuba adds to the imperial power’s record of aggression, the news of another request for more funds to finance subversion in our country is neither unusual nor surprising.

Maintaining an appearance of indifference, the State Department has said that Cuba is not much of a priority in its foreign policy, but, once again, the administration is showing that it will dig into the pockets of the nation’s taxpayers to pay for its desperate attacks on the Revolution, this time to the tune of 20 million dollars for subversion, in addition to turning screws to further tighten the blockade and sink our economy.

To justify the new expenditures, they resort to standard euphemisms about programs to “promote democracy” in Cuba.

The most recent revelation by the Cuba Money Project, conducted by journalist Tracey Eaton, is that a budget line item dedicated to the business of subversion on the island is included in the Biden administration’s 2022 request: a total of 58.5 billion dollars for the State Department and the misnamed United States Agency for International Development (USAID), a 10% increase over this year’s budget.

It is even more astonishing that, in spite of their historical failures, the White House cited among recipients of funds the infamous Radio and TV Marti.

The announced “financial courtesy,” which is now being celebrated by its usual beneficiaries, makes it very easy to understand what is, and is not, a priority for the United States.

What remains to be seen, on our side, is also known. There is no amount of money that can break the resistance and determination of the Cuban people, who have long been convinced that freedom, sovereignty and decency are priceless.

(Taken from Granma)

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