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Farewell to Rosa Aurora Freijanes, devoted fighter for the return of the Cuban Five

Rosa“Rosa Aurora Freijanes, Rosita, who – like the warrior she always was – fought for her health over the last few years, died January 10. The Five of us owe a great deal of our freedom to her, and will remember her always. Rest in peace, sister,” wrote anti-terrorist hero Gerardo Hernández Nordelo on his social media accounts.

Rosa Aurora Freijanes was married to Fernando González Llort, one of the Cuban Five. On multiple occasions, she strongly denounced the obstacles that the U.S. government imposed on her visits to see Fernando and the rigged judicial process that convicted him and his brothers.

Journalist Arleen Rodriguez Derivet commented on Facebook: “A quintessential Cuban woman has left us, a woman with a strong soul and delicate health, transparent and sweet as her blue eyes. Rosa Aurora Freijanes Coca spoke, even without speaking, with her intelligent and clear, honest and sympathetic look. She had a sharp sense of humor and a tender and firm sense of affection and friendship. She fled from cameras and microphones, from lights and mirrors.

“She knew no vanity even when the world revered her as one of the spouses of the Five. But once she accepted the challenge of going up to a podium to explain the truth about Cuba, she moved the audience to tears with her sincere words, with the deep tenderness of her heart.
Rosa Aurora (left) with Elizabeth Palmeiro, Olga Salanueva and Adriana Pérez, her sisters in the struggle for the freedom of the Cuban Five. Photo: Yander Zamora

“She was the mother who could not be of her beloved nephews and the daughters and sons of her friends: Adriana Pérez, Olga Salanueva and Elizabeth Palmeiro, her sisters in the struggle for the freedom of the Five.

“I reached out to them, to her loving sister Mary and the rest of her family, the heartfelt embrace of those of us who knew, admired and loved that girl who was always cheerful, even in the midst of the worst circumstances, especially when the chords of her favorite songs were playing (Tu fantasma or Rosana) with the guitar and voice of their creator, Silvio Rodríguez.”

(Taken from Granma)

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