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Cuban parliament begins debates prior to ordinary session

Asamblea-CubaThe discussion of two bills and the analysis of vital issues such as the economy and budget mark the opening on Monday of the debates prior to the ordinary session of the Cuban Parliament.

Lawmakers will continue analyzing virtually the legislative proposals on the organization and functioning of the provincial governments and the municipal administration councils, which will be submitted for approval on December 17 during the sixth ordinary period of the 9th Legislature.

Participants will exchange opinions about the doubts and suggestions made not only by the lawmakers themselves on December 5, but also by citizens through the channels established for their participation to build the legal regulation.

The objective is to generate the greatest possible consensus, said Jose Luis Toledo, president of the Commission of Constitutional and Judicial Affairs at Parliament. Toledo pointed out that these two projects seal the Cuban State’s institutional organization based on the new Constitution.

The lawmakers of the Economic Affairs Commission will also meet with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Ministry of Finance and Prices, to submit the general objectives of the Economy Plan and the draft bill of the 2021 State Budget.

Both issues are included in the parliamentary agenda, so they will serve as preparation to address these complex aspects amid the international economic crisis, the impact of the tightening of the US blockade and meanwhile, the country prepares to carry out, in 2021, the so-called monetary overhaul task.

The year 2021 will open with the challenge for the Cuban economy of leaving the Cuban peso (CUP) as the country’s only official currency in circulation and unifying exchange rates. Meanwhile, wage and price reforms are implemented and the country tries to control inflation and devaluation these processes can generate.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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