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Cuba is well, Camilo!

camilo cThere is a man of the people that the homeland will never let die, because he left an eternal footprint everywhere he went. A man who lives on in his example.

He won the affection of a nation with his personal sacrifice, simplicity, his smile, and impeccable character forged in the Sierra and during a few months of Revolution following the victory.

He is ours forever, because Camilo Cienfuegos was more than a rebel and Granma expeditionary, more than the unconditional friend of Che and Fidel’s man of confidence; he was more than the leader of the Antonio Maceo Column 2, and the Hero of Yaguajay. Camilo was, is and will be “the image of a people” who found, in this young man of 27 years, the paradigm of a revolutionary committed to honor, truth and a sensitivity very much his own, which won him the hearts of all.

History tells us of the complete guerilla who would not fire on the barracks of the dictatorship’s troops because there was a young girl inside; who gave whatever money he had to a few young rebels so they would not be obliged to visit their mothers empty-handed, and loved culture as the Homeland itself, being the first to take the ballet out of the theater and into the mountains, and the promoter of the Revolution’s first documentary, Nuestra Tierra, exposing the outrages of the rural guard against the peasantry.

Loyal to the ideas of Maceo, Martí and Fidel until the last day of his physical presence, before getting on the plane that took him to eternity, that fateful October 28, 1959, Camilo never stopped surprising us, even leaving us in the least suspected way, when no one was ready for his departure.

Fifteen days of exhaustive, but fruitless search, left us without a last farewell to the Comandante of the wide-brimmed hat. That October afternoon he was stolen from us forever, but he left us the hero and the memories, already etched in the essence of the Revolution, the one to whom we can say today: Cuba is doing well, Camilo!

(Taken from Granma)

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