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Che is here, alive

che pinturaPowerful forces move men like Che. Superior souls are capable of giving their all for others, even if this means life itself.

Che himself affirms, “The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love,” leaving us another creed to steer us along the road of just causes.

These are times to live this love, turn it into action, into an example, struggle… not a slogan, or a cold image sculpted in bronze, but rather the common man, the everyday person who, without asking a single question, marches off to save lives, unaware that he or she is a hero.

There are human beings who are beyond time, who disregard borders to give themselves to the world, even dashing the dreams of their enemies, like Che’s in Higuera, who took his life without knowing they were handing him over alive, forever.

As the poet sang: …Che has no other road to take / other than that of resurrection / and remaining to the left of men / demanding that they quicken the pace / for centuries on end /Amen.

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