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The joint work of all key to COVID-19 recovery

reunio agosto 4The epidemiological situation remains stable in the majority of the nation’s provinces and the Isle of Youth special municipality, with only Havana and Artemisa exhibiting alarming incidence rates

Yesterday, August 3, with 208 active cases of COVID-19 reported nation-wide, including 24 more confirmed the previous day, the prevention and control task force met to examine the country’s epidemiological situation, led by Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz, with Vice President Salvador Valdés Mesa attending, as well.

Public Health Minister José Angel Portal Miranda noted that the highest figures, both in terms of hospital admissions and discharges, continue to be concentrated in Havana and Artemisa, two provinces that, over the last 15 days, have seen their incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants increasing to 4.12 in the first and 16.51in the second, with 88 and 85 new cases, respectively.

In the rest of the nation’s provinces and the Isle of Youth special municipality, the epidemiological situation remains stable with no local transmission events identified for several weeks, he reported.

Almost five months since the first cases were confirmed in Cuba, the joint work of all continues to determine our successful transition through the different phases of the recovery period, and maintaining our perception of risk remains critical.

(Source: Granma)

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