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Colombian Senators recognize Cuba’s contribution to the peace process

colombiano CepedaSenators Iván Cepeda of the Alternative Democratic Pole and Antonio Sanguino of the Green Alliance Party have questioned the work of the High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, and recognized Cuba’s contribution to their country’s peace process.

During a debate on fulfillment of government responsibility in the Senate’s Second Standing Committee – to which Foreign Minister Claudia Blum (who was absent from the meeting and sent her vice chancellor) and Ceballos were summoned – Ivan Cepeda made reference to what the Commissioner called “de-Havanizing peace” and reproached his disregard for the Protocol of Rupture, violating a commitment made by the Colombian state with six other signatory nations.

The Senator also condemned public statements by Ceballos after the inclusion of Cuba on the U.S. list of countries that do not cooperate in the fight against terrorism drawn up by that country’s State Department.

He recalled that, since the beginning of the new administration in Colombia, Cuba has played an important role as a guarantor of the peace process, recalling that Ceballos and other officials held talks with Cuba and the National Liberation Army (ELN) delegation, looking to make progress on the issue of their return to Colombia.

“However, from very early on, Commissioner Ceballos began to publicly disregard these contacts and the commitments made.

“The efforts of Dr. Miguel Ceballos have been directed toward undermining all essential pillars of any present or future peace policy,” Cepeda stated.

The Alternative Democratic Pole Senator also noted how the current Colombian government’s foreign policy, unfortunately, seeks to undermine the peace process, and criticized Colombia’s treasonous, unprecedented treatment of Cuba as a guarantor country and host of the peace talks. “Never before has our country been so prostrate, so submissive to U.S. policy, than we are now,” he added.

For his part, Antonio Sanguino pointed out Ceballos’ responsibility in sabotaging the peace agreement and thanked Cuba for its role, on behalf of the millions who support an end to the decades-long conflict in their nation.

He went on to report that the two Senators would file a disciplinary complaint against Miguel Ceballos “for violating the Constitution, violating the right to peace, failing to implement the Peace Agreement, and clearly acting in bad faith in each of the responsibilities he bears in his position.”

(Source: Granma)

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