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Cuban President on government visit to Mayabeque

Canel MayabequeCuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez began his government visit to the western province of Mayabeque at a pork breeding center, located in Santa Cruz del Norte, devoted to the development of small livestock with Creole genetics, which and will provide breeding stock for three other facilities, according to Presidency’s Twitter account.

Here, the President learned about the production of rum, alcohol, liquor and CO2, asking as well about workers’ salaries, environmental protection and the reuse of waste.

“Santa Cruz del Norte is a very important economic pole for the country with the development of energy and hydrocarbons, the food industry, agriculture and other productive sectors,” he stated.

Later, Díaz-Canel visited the vegetable processing plant located near the former Camilo Cienfuegos sugar mill in Hershey, where export quality products are prepared, also marketed at the Mariel Special Development Zone.

He also toured the SAVING ceramic tile factory, a Cuba-Vietnam joint venture, unique in the country with modern technology that allows for production of up to 3 million square meters per year.


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