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Cuba exposes efforts to discredit our judicial system

mercerario adniel FerrerA campaign to discredit our judicial system, by the U.S. government and its mercenaries since the arrest of counter-revolutionary criminal José Daniel Ferrer, is shown to be unfounded. The truth of Cuba has once again shattered a campaign to discredit our country’s judicial system, unleashed by the U.S. government and its mercenaries, since the arrest of counter-revolutionary criminal José Daniel Ferrer García.

More strong evidence was presented in a February 7 report on Cuban television, with facts and testimony that were disseminated on social media, in the wake of the public outcry produced by the publishing of information, November 27, 2019, confirming Ferrer’s guilt in acts for which he is accused, and others.


Cuban television repeated a previously screened video of Ferrer, in police custody, hitting his head on a table, making clear that the injuries he reported were self-inflicted, and occurred well after his arrest.

After the broadcast, enemies of the Revolution began to insist that the clip was staged, among these was the misnamed Television Marti. But, for some time now, evidence and testimony, from Cubans residing on the island and in the United States, has appeared to expose the counterrevolutionary.

Revealing was the video with statements by Abel López Pérez, a Cuban resident in the U. S. who questioned Ferrer’s conduct regarding the carrying of weapons. “Don’t tell me it’s a toy gun, and justify yourself saying it’s a toy gun. I repeat, take a toy gun out on a police officer here in the U.S. and see what his response will be,” he said.

Also shown on the television report were photos of Ferrer carrying a rifle.

Alejandro Hernández Real, also a resident of the United States, said: “Ah, it’s true that he has abused some people. It’s true that he has a dictator’s spirit. It’s true that he has gotten into trouble, common crimes, with people from his organization, people who have gone to demand money he owes them and has not paid. It’s no secret to anyone. I go back and say, where are the UNPACU people.

“You know why I don’t follow him, among other things, because how can he justify to me (what he does with) the $10,000 sent to him every month,” Hernández asks.

A shocking segment of the video shows a meeting between the delinquent José Daniel Ferrer García and members of his alleged organization, these with their faces covered. One was identified and the convincing testimony of his mother broadcast.

Solange Claramut, José Daniel Ferrer’s neighbor stated: “José Daniel, you also know that one of the hooded men who appeared on TV is my son Emmanuel, who you paid, through Aurora Sancho, to say that Cuban State Security had given him money, paid him, to beat you, which is a lie because you didn’t have any news. And then you cheated them and didn’t pay him the money.”

Abel Lopez Perez added, “When he ordered that a video of one or two minutes be made in all of the country’s province, sent the coordinators to make a one-minute video, take out a sign, scream on a corner, and hide right away, then edit it and sell it as a demonstration of the Patriotic Union of Cuba in all of Cuba – UNPACU.”

Roberto García Cabrejas, a U.S. resident, questions Ferrer’s conduct in achieving his counter-revolutionary objectives: “The Revolution is not brought down by crazily hitting your head on a table, even a revolutionary table.”

Abel López ironically stated that Ferrer could win an award for that move, “I would give him the acting prize. A tremendous performance, worthy of an Oscar.” While the young Hernández joked with the idea that they might come out of the cell carrying a body. “But no way, yeah, I knew, no way. Many of you believed it. Many of you thought: poor guy, he’s gone missing, this and that. And they were going to see the guy, taking him canned fruit and the whole story. You need to take a minute. You need to stop.”


Of course, the staging is directed from the United States in the most malicious style of theater. The puppets or main characters continue to be Luis Almagro, secretary general of the Organization of American States (OAS); U.S. Senator Marco Rubio; Mara Tekach, chargé d’affaires at the U.S. embassy in Havana; Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, Congressmen and members of the anti-Cuban community in Miami. All have long records of taking action against Cuba and promote the discourse that Ferrer is an innocent victim. The most recent figure to take the stage is Morgan Ortagus, U.S. State Department spokesperson: “Today I join the multiple voices that are requesting the freedom of human rights defender José Daniel Ferrer throughout the world, 100 days after his arrest at the hands of the Castro regime.”

The television material noted that funds are needed to lead a counter-revolutionary group. And to play this part, a producer appeared, as if by magic, one who believes Cuba is incapable of charting its own path: Rosa María Paya Acevedo, a fabricated human rights leader.

It is no accident that she made a recent appearance in Bolivia, sympathizing with the de facto government headed by self-proclaimed President Jeanine Áñez, who announced, hours after the visit, the suspension of diplomatic relations with Cuba.

“A short tour to only Bolivia and Uruguay, that had a huge impact,” Payá boasted, “The first, the most significant, is that today the constitutional government of Bolivia, the government of President Jeanine Áñez, has announced that she is breaking off relations (with Cuba).”

With the mounting of a pressure campaign to win impunity for Ferrer, the pockets of the OAS are filled, along with those of unscrupulous parliamentarians, other international organizations, and lackeys who continue to live off U.S. taxpayer’s money. In spite of this, there are always voices that defend the truth, in these same settings.

The Cuban television report also featured recorded statements by European Parliament deputy, Manuel Pineda Marín, who stated during a discussion raised by Ferrer supporters: “Today you bring us a text in which you manipulate the detention and judicial prosecution, with all appropriate guarantees, of a delinquent, accused of kidnapping, and with a long criminal record… including beating his ex-wife, 36 weeks pregnant.”

Ferrer’s neighbor, Aurora Sancho, offered her version of this specific event: “Ferrer beat up Belkis Cantillo and locked her in a room, giving her food like in a jungle. I knew him from what Belkis Cantillo said, and from people who went in there and talked about it.”


The evidence exists, witnesses have testified, and now Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia is being prosecuted, with all legal guarantees in place, for crimes involving physical harm and confinement of Cuban citizen Sergio Garcia Gonzalez.

The television report discredits another media campaign, attempting to promote the counter-revolutionary group which presumes to call itself the Patriotic Union of Cuba. Broadcast were statements by citizen Domingo Duvalón Hurtado, who falsely claimed to have been injured by the National Revolutionary Police in a plot concocted by Ferrer, who paid 10 CUC for his services.

In this respect, Duvalón stated: “You see, all this right here,” pointing to the bandaging covering his upper torso and one arm, “This was a farce, proving that Jose Daniel is a liar,” and waving in front of the cameras the 10 CUC bill the mercenary Ferrer gave him.

Another familiar face was aired on the television report, that of Ana Olema Hernandez, who, after she was identified as the person who financed vandalism of José Martí memorials, said she had nothing to do with that matter.

A video was aired that has already been circulating on social media, in which Ana Olema and Panter, one of the vandals who defaced the busts of Martí, are seen together.

It was reported that Ana Olema is also associated with Ferrer, as they are wolves of the same pack, but described him as a criminal, who cannot swallow his own story and is receiving humane treatment without stagings.

The television announcer pointed out that, as the judicial process against these

criminal elements advances, some are being pampered by counterrevolutionary supporters and the others receive only crumbs, adding, “Every action is a media event in a fake fight for human rights and the supposed freedom of a people.

“The United States, as the world’s most aggressive power, has tried everything against Cuba. The cause of figures like José Daniel Ferrer García are left without arguments in the face of very serious facts and truths,” the announcer e concluded.

“The truth must not remain unsaid,” said José Martí. Cuba presents its truth to the world, with hard evidence, exposing another campaign of lies from the United States government and its mercenaries.


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