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Telesur: Voice and image of those who fight and resist

telesurCuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez strongly condemned “threats made against the voice and image of the peoples who fight and resist the imperial onslaught,” insisting, “From Our America and the world: Viva teleSUR!”

The Cuban leader was reacting, on his Twitter account, to plans announced by the impostor Juan Guaidó, under U.S. guidance, directing his venom against a channel that carries the message of our peoples around the world and expresses the views of those resisting efforts to subvert progressive governments and derail integrationist projects.

Guaidó is the same Venezuelan congressman who posed and signed photos revealing his ties with the paramilitary group Los Rastrojos, and who just recently, in a real performance, was seen trying to scale the fence of the National Assembly headquarters in Caracas, then playing the victim, said he wasn’t let in.

Rightly so, teleSUR president Patricia Villegas responded to his threats to block the channel’s transmissions, stating, “The deputy is talking about something he knows nothing about, and clearly does not understand.”

In his recent display of bravado, Guaidó threatened to “take teleSur off the air,” attacking the channel founded in 2005 by Bolivarian leader Hugo Chávez, which broadcasts the voices of countries of the South, answering the avalanche of lies that are transmitted every day by the corporate media at the service of the United States government and local oligarchies.

Of course, teleSUR hurts the United States government, which provides millions of dollars to disrupt the unity of nations in a region that the empire considers its backyard. That is why one of the first targets of the neoliberal administrations that have managed to gain power again in our region has been the international broadcaster – as seen in Macri’s Argentina, in Ecuador where the population is resisting government measures, and in the Bolivia now run by the coup plotters who ousted Evo Morales.

Our peoples know that teleSUR means unity, unquestionable truth, genuine culture, not propaganda at the service of corporations and foreign interests that seek to divide and enslave.


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