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Omara Portuondo says her Latin Grammy was accepted on behalf of Cuba

omaraIn the name of Cuba, Omara Portuondo stated, she accepted the Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence, November 13, in Las Vegas. This sincere emotion was accompanied by another, according to the legendary singer, “I hold in my heart forever the memory of members of the D’Aida quartet, my colleagues in feeling and the Buena Vista Social Club, Aida Diestro, Elena Burque, Moraima Secada, HaydéePortuondo, César Portillo, José Antonio Méndez, Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Rubén González, and so many others, it hurts to mention, are with me here to receive this award.”

Once again Cuban music challenges the blockade and adversity to shine on the international stage, this month of November, as Donald Trump issues new directives prohibiting the use of government funds to finance educational and cultural exchanges with Cuban state officials or entities.

It was precisely in the cultural arena, that last July, the U.S. government vetoed negotiations with two Cuban publishing houses, Verde Olivo and Capitán San Luis, and added two more hotels (the Palacio Cueto, in Havana, and the Guillermo Key Kempinski Resort, in Ciego de Ávila) to the list of 200 entities and their affiliates, with which U.S. citizens and entity cannot do business.


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