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Havana, the capital of anti-imperialism and solidarity

Logo encuentroNovember 1-3, Havana serves once again as a beacon for the struggles of the peoples of Latin America, when voices are raised in the Convention Center during an Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Conference, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism.

These days will make a real contribution to confronting the current counterrevolutionary offensive of U.S. imperialism, to the search for the broadest possible unity of leftist forces in the region, and to the strengthening of militant solidarity with just causes defended by the peoples.

The necessary articulation between movements, organizations, and groups, whose axes of struggle involve confrontation with imperialism will be the center discussion at the gathering that brings together hundreds of social fighters, political leaders, intellectuals, campesinos, women, indigenous people, solidarity activists, and others.

The Havana conference, with the participation of the Cuban Revolution’s brothers and sisters from many parts of the world, encourages the heroic resistance of the Cuban people, determined to defeat the Helms-Burton Law and the blockade, intent upon advancing the updating of our economic and social development model, as the event’s convocation states.

The deep conviction that the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean will continue to march toward their second and definitive independence constitutes one of the pillars that will sustain debates.

According to the event’s program, work groups will meet to address topics such as Solidarity with Cuba and other just causes; Peoples in the face of free trade and transnational corporations; Decolonization and cultural warfare; in addition to Strategic communication and social struggle; Youth: strategies and continuity in struggles; Democracy, sovereignty and anti-imperialism; and Integration, identities, and common struggles.


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