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The country we want

The country we wantTHE President of Cuba’s Councils of State and of Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, during an exchange at the Palace of the Revolution with administration vice presidents from all provinces and the Isle of Youth special municipality, advocated for a socialist, sovereign, participatory nation, that is faithful to its history and defends its identity.

The country we want, he said, must be based on balanced, sustainable development, on prosperity in harmony with the environment, a fair distribution of wealth, and quality services for the entire people, according to the official Presidential website.

Also participating were the president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, Esteban Lazo Hernández, and First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers Salvador Valdés Mesa, as the President spoke of practicing solidarity; rejecting self-interest; repudiating discrimination; and defending the rights of all Cubans, not exclusive or privileged segments.

After discussing difficulties facing the nation with the regional cadres, Díaz-Canel reiterated the government’s two priorities: preparation for defense and the economic battle, both afforded the same level of importance.

Regardless of the circumstances, he stressed, we will not renounce the principles that have defined the Cuban Revolution since its inception, such as the worker-campesino alliance, the right to land for those who work it, universal and free access to education and health, as well as state ownership of the basic means of production.

During the meeting cardinal issues for the development of the country were analyzed, such as meeting commercial circulation plans, conserving energy, housing programs, and municipal food self-sufficiency.

Likewise, proposals from deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power must be heeded, including those related to housing construction and subsidies; preventing fuel theft; and the production of food.

Among the unavoidable tasks in developing a better economy, Díaz-Canel mentioned the strengthening of socialist state enterprises; the ordering of non-state economic activity, without affecting its performance negatively; integrating all actors, forms of ownership and management involved in Cuba’s economic environment; making the investment process more efficient; boosting foreign investment; exporting more and replacing imports with domestic products.

He urged the efficient use of valuable human resources, and the skilled scientific workforce trained by the Revolution, to defend national production and encourage local development programs in all territories.

In this first exchange of this kind, the vice presidents of Administration Councils presented their experiences in each of the analyzed programs.


We face the challenge of ensuring the comprehensive training of our athletes, to be young revolutionaries, true patriots and with extensive development as athletes, commented the President of Cuba’s Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermúdez, to close the XXXI National Seminar to prepare of the coming school year in the Cuban sports system.

After outlining aspects of increasing threats by the United States government in the region, and the resurgence of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade on our country, the President insisted on the need to put an end to “the import mentality that sometimes delays initiative and proposals to overcome problems.

”This is a school year in which we must continue confronting, from a socialist position, banality, ignorance and vulgarity, elements that imperialism attempts to cultivate. And we must help our young athletes understand that the construction of socialism is challenging, because it is based on sacrifice, on collectivism, on the defense of all and for all,” he stressed.

Referring to Physical Education classes, he said that this is where values ​​are shaped, personalities molded, collectivism and solidarity forged.

Let us work toward developing beauty and the culture of detail as daily practices in sports, as well, he said, with little steps, great things are accomplished.


While touring the Batos Sports Company, affiliated with the Light Industry Enterprise Group, President Díaz-Canel was able to appreciate the exquisite cleanliness and organization that reigns in the workshops, in which 256 types of sporting goods were manufactured last year.

Batos, founded in June 1965, produces and distributes sports implements and equipment, textile garments, supplies and services for the Cuban sports system, and in 2018 its more than 700 workers produced some 600,000 items, a figure that had not been reached since the years prior to the Special Period.

Accompanied by Osvaldo Vento Montiller, president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education, and Recreation, and Andrés Alberdi Valero, Batos director, the Cuban leader toured areas involved in leatherworks, woodworking, and the fabrication of balls for different sports, where he asked about stability of the workforce and the quality of productions, among other issues.

Walking through the textile workshop, he recognized the new uniform models being crafted, with unique designs, high quality, and patriotic symbols standing out. (Info from

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