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Nothing will silence Lula

lula livreCuban President Díaz-Canel Bermúdez expressed his support, yesterday April 7, for the demand that Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva be freed, one year after his unjust imprisonment, tweeting, “We demand freedom for Lula.”

On the occasion of a worldwide day of action calling for the former Brazilian President’s freedom, some 10,000 people from around the country gathered in Curitiba this weekend for a vigil marking the 365th day of the Workers Party leader’s incarceration, demanding his freedom and denouncing the reactionary social and economic measures of the Bolsonaro government.

This Sunday Lula da Silva sent a letter to the Brazilian people saying that his voice is that of millions, and that the setbacks suffered will only strengthen the struggle since we are “alive and strong.”

“They are afraid of the millions of Lulas. Because they know what we are capable of when we come together to transform this country. … Together, we are going to reverse every setback, every step back on the difficult path to the Brazil we dream of, that we will prove is possible to build. We will win,” he said.

(Source: Granma)

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