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Cuba is counting on all, for the good of all

BamderaThis was also the message delivered by Ernesto Soberón Guzmán, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s director for consular affairs and Cubans resident abroad, during his speech at the Eighth Regional Conference of Cubans Resident in Europe.

He noted that the participation of Cubans abroad in the popular consultation on the country’s proposed new Constitution is a reflection of efforts to strengthen ties. To date, Cubans living in 121 countries have participated online, Soberón reported.

The nation’s ideal is, and has been, to extend and strengthen ties with Cubans abroad, despite the extremist minority which promotes confrontation and supports hostile U.S. policy toward Cuba.

He noted that since migratory policies in Cuba were updated, travel abroad with a valid passport has increased, with 2,674,676 trips during this period by Cuban nationals.

Likewise, visits to the island by Cubans living abroad continue to increase. Since January 14, 2013, through the same date in 2018, more than two million entries were recorded.

Also, continuing to rise is the number of émigrés requesting permanent residence (resettlement) in Cuba, reaching 40,603 since 2013.

In summary, Soberón stated, at this time Cubans are traveling more, but not emigrating massively.


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