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Like silver in the bedrock of the Andes

Sao Paolo ForoA special plenary session entitled “For the Unity and Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean,” central theme of the 24th Meeting of the São Paulo Forum, focused the debates of the second day of this annual space for political coordination, underway in Havana.

This has been a cross-cutting theme in all the debate and dialogue spaces throughout the event, which will contribute to the Final Declaration and Plan of Action to be announced on Wednesday afternoon, during the closing of the Meeting.

Granma shares some essential ideas on which many have agreed, and that define the challenges on the road toward that essential unity for the struggles of the present and the future of our peoples:

- It is important to preserve the experiences of governments of a popular and anti-imperialist nature, promoted by parties that form part of the São Paulo Forum.

- The emancipatory efforts and anti-capitalist ideals of social and popular movements must be encouraged and offered resolute support.

- We must work hard to consolidate a lasting peace and promote efforts to advance the sovereign integration of what Martí called Our America.

- When there is unity, determined and capable political leadership, clear objectives, a fighting spirit, and the support of the popular classes, the options to contain, and even to defeat, any counter-revolutionary offensive are multiplied.

- It is a duty to properly explain and boldly and creatively defend the unquestionable economic, social and political gains achieved during the experiences of popular government that for one reason or another have suffered major setbacks (from Honduras in 2009 to Brazil today), as well as the achievements and strengths of those governments that endure amid enormous internal and external difficulties and challenges.

- There will be no sustainable progress in a revolutionary experience, or progressive changes motivated by the values of social justice and equity, without the timely and adequate practice of criticism and self-criticism.

- We must oppose with an authentic internationalist and Latin Americanist spirit, with a firm and non-negotiable sense of dignity, the emancipatory plan of our noble peoples, in the face of that of transnationals and the imperialist forces of the North to undermine the sovereignty of our nations and take control of their natural resources.

- If leftist political parties and popular movements with progressive ideas and commitments lose perspective of the need for the broadest and most democratic unity, they will be granting the reactionaries just what they need. The conclusion is simple: either we unite, or we sink into the mud of the counterrevolution that they are attempting to impose.


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