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Cuban President Oversees Recovery in Central Provinces

presidente-diaz-canelCuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel oversaw the achievements in the recovery after May”s heavy rains in the central provinces of Villa Clara and Sancti Spiritus, local television reported today.

At a meeting with local authorities in Villa Clara, where agriculture, the road infrastructure, hydric facilities and houses were seriously damaged, the president insisted on the need to carry out all tasks with high quality and a firm hand against criminal activities.

Regarding housing, with more than 2,600 homes damaged in the province, Diaz-Canel instructed to intensify the supply of construction materials to the affected families.

He also recalled that there are manifestations of disorder and corruption in the country in such a sensitive program as housing, and underlined that under any concept, unscrupulous people can be allowed to take advantage of the needs of those affected.

On the other hand, he acknowledged the work done in the province to boost recuperation, as well as the effective coordination among bodies of the central administration of the State and the territories.

In Sancti Spiritus, Diaz-Canel also verified the achievements in rehabilitation and learned about the people’s participation in the process.

During his tour of the province, the head of State was briefed about the situation of local dams and the total value of the damage, which was estimated at 19.5 million pesos (780,000 dollars).

The Cuban president instructed to include the experiences of the past few months in the disaster reduction plans, further study the influence of climate change on agriculture and combine the good practices by producers with scientific knowledge from research centers.

He also referred to the bad functioning or non-existence of drainage systems in cities and rural and cultivated areas.

In general, Diaz-Canel acknowledged the good work in the province to provide care to those affected and local people.

(Prensa Latina)

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