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Improving People’s Power

artemisa mayabequeThe perfecting of local bodies of People’s Power should provide impetus to economic and social development, leaders in Mayabeque agreed during a visit by First Vice President of the Councils of State and Minister Salvador Valdés Mesa, to several entities in the province involved in this process.

“Raising levels of production and responding to the people’s demand for food is a priority for the country’s agricultural sector,” said Valdés Mesa in a dialogue with workers and managers of two agricultural cooperatives (CPA), the Amistad Cubano-Búlgara and Capitán Alberto Torres.

At these sites located in the municipality of Güines, the Vice President confirmed the contribution to the national economy being made here, especially in the replacement of imports.

The CPA Amistad Cubano-Búlgara has been recognized for its high yields of various crops, including potatoes, boniato, plantain, taro, corn, and others – most sent to feed the capital.

Likewise, the Alberto Torres has provided a significant amount of sugar cane to the Héctor Molina Riaño sugar mill, in the municipality of San Nicolás, and the Boris Luis Santa Coloma, in Madruga.

Valdés Mesa verified progress made in the province since steps were taken in 2011 to separate the roles of People’s Power government bodies and administration, visiting the comprehensive Processing and Services Center in Güines, where he confirmed the implementation of a strategy to make such services more accessible to the population.


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