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Investigations into May 18 air disaster continue

acidente aereo cubaCuba continues to investigate what caused a Boeing 737-200, leased by Cubana de Aviación, to crash shortly after takeoff on May 18.

According to officials from the island’s Civil Aviation Institute (IACC), work is underway in the United States to recover information from the plane’s black boxes.

This, along with other evidence, such as the onsite study of the wreckage, will determine what led to the incident, and help to formulate appropriate operational security recommendations, aimed at eliminating risks or deficiencies to prevent future aviation accidents.

Occupational, administrative or criminal liabilities will be established in accordance with existing legislation and the results of the investigation, explained Mercedes Vázquez González, IACC director of Air Transport and International Relations.

She added that Cuba, Mexico and the United States are working together to recover the information from the black boxes, and noted that the process is being undertaken in the U.S., as the plane was designed and manufactured there, and it also has all the necessary conditions for such an investigation.

Meanwhile, investigations on the ground in Cuba are continuing without difficulties. “If other evidence needs to be presented at any time, all parties are willing and able to transfer these to the countries involved,” she added.


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