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The blockade, congenital deafness and the language of the peoples

plaza revIf there is still someone who believes that the economic, commercial, financial blockade of Cuba is an exaggeration on the part of authorities here, they can refer to the latest episode in the implementation of this hostile policy described as genocidal.

Gustavo Véliz, Cuba’s ambassador in Antigua and Barbuda, received notification from FedEx, a multinational courier delivery services company based in the United States, stating that the mission’s account in the country had been cancelled, as a result of the extra-territorial nature of the blockade imposed on Cuba.

According to the note, this is due to the fact that Fedex and its international subsidiaries are U. S. owned properties and subject to U.S. law, adding that the company could not handle deliveries to or from any part of a government on which sanctions have been imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, as part of the legal framework for the control of exports.

“Cuba is subject to U.S. sanctions and therefore, we cannot transport any delivery from the government of Cuba at this time, and in the future they will be rejected for pick-up and returned to the remittent,” the missive stated.

plaza revThere are not enough pages in our newspaper to cite all the similar examples which have occurred over the 55 years of this hostile policy. Recalling one, not from the distant past either, is adequate to make evident the implicitly genocidal nature of the imperialists’ blockade.

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew left Baracoa, in the far eastern region of the island, in ruins. At that time, as a result of U.S. law, Cuba’s embassy in Ankara, Turkey, was not allowed to make a bank transfer, even though the eastern portion of Cuba was in a painful situation, being resolutely faced by the government, in need of all available funds.

The United Nations General Assembly has repudiated the U.S. blockade of Cuba for 25 consecutive years. On this stage, the entire world has supported resolutions to end the policy. Nevertheless, it appears that the deafness of the U.S. government is congenital, because it cannot understand the language of the people.


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