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Pompeo at the OAS: Remake of an old drama

Cuba RevoluciónThe United States is once again demonstrating an outright stance of heightened interference in the countries that make up the region that Martí referred to as Our America. This time it was the debut, in the theater of operations that is the OAS, of Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State of the nation in which the most people believe in the existence of angels, as told in the U.S. political drama seriesThe Newsroom.

Taking advantage of the occasion in Washington, where the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS) met June 4-5, Pompeo offered the same discourse as that of 195 years ago, with the same themes of continental domination expressed on December 2, 1823, in the well-known Monroe Doctrine, summarized in the phrase “America for the Americans.” Thus he spun a web of lies and insults about Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba.

Like someone who, without explanation, jumps from one topic to another, he lashed out against the island which has built a socialist Revolution just 90 miles from the empire, the same where children are shot down because guns finance the government, and its presidential campaigns.

It was disturbing to hear Pompeo state: “Young Cubans born under a dictatorship are uninterested in hollow revolutionary slogans. They demand educational opportunities free from political constraints or a totalitarian regime’s repression.”

And he added: “They want what youth everywhere else wants: opportunities to use their talents, to exercise their voice, achieve their potential, and build a bright future for themselves. As democratic societies, we must support young people in Cuba and elsewhere in the hemisphere in their hopes for democratic change.”

Pompeo consciously lies, because he knows that the Cuban state guarantees children’s education up to University without charging a penny, while young Americans can’t be sure if today will be their last day at school, as a shooting massacre could happen at any time.

Young Cubans express their support for the continuity of the Revolution not in slogans, but in deeds. A total of 87.6% of deputies to the Cuban Parliament were born after the triumph of January 1, 1959, and close to 90 deputies are aged between 18 and 35 years old. What hurts the empire, Pompeo, his boss, and the OAS, which ultimately represent the same thing, is that at the “Phoney” Summit held in Peru in April, it was those same young people who raised their voices in defense of the humane, revolutionary and socialist work of their homeland and cried out for an America as Bolívar and Martí dreamed.

Pompeo forgets, or pretends to, the performances in recent days of some 200 Cuban artists at the Kennedy Center. There, in this cultural hub of the U.S., presented were young creators from the island who represent the result of its national arts education system, an indisputable example for the region and the world. The Havana Lyceum Orchestra of the University of the Arts, and the National Ballet of Cuba, which performed for the first time in the United States 40 years ago, precisely at the Kennedy Center, are examples that demonstrate that, as a result of solid training, young Cubans can appear on global stages, without restrictions being imposed by their government.

And this is the case not only in the cultural sphere. There are numerous young Cubans who, shortly after graduating from the island’s Medical Schools, carry a message of humanism to places around the world, saving the lives of those who, otherwise, would be lost, as their countries do not provide universal, free healthcare.

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo tries to ignore the young Cubans who enter universities each year, to begin degrees in social sciences, economics, and the exact sciences, and then decide, due to the inspiration gained, to train the generations that follow behind them. In short, he forgets and ignores too many things about the Cuba we defend.


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