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What challenges do Cuban neighborhoods face?

Cuba barriosThe leading role of youth and the importance of their ideas in neighborhood work, along with the necessary participation of those with more experience in community organizing and revolutionary vigilance – and teamwork as the most effective way to stay connected – were some of the challenges noted in discussion held in Artemisa, during the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) Provincial Assembly, leading up to the organization’s 9th Congress.

During the meeting, José Ramón Machado Ventura, second secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba, addressed the groups professional cadre policy and work with developing leaders, discussing the skills and disposition required of those assuming such positions.

José Antonio Valeriano Fariñas, head of the Party in the province and a Central Committee member, commented on the role of families in preventing illegalities and anti-social behavior, and Yailka García Pérez was reelected as provincial coordinator.

In Pinar del Río, Carlos Rafael Miranda, national CDR coordinator, as well as a member of the Party Central Committee and the Council of State, addressed the assembly, recalling the principles guiding the organization that emerged from Fidel’s work and thinking. Ovidio Miranda Martínez was reelected as coordinator in this province.

- CDRs are the country’s largest mass organization.

- Some 8,500,000 Cubans are members.

- Some 7,200 have joined the CDR youth contingents, in the country’s 168 municipalities.

- Provincial Assemblies will continue across the country, culminating in Havana July 8.

- The 9th Congress is scheduled to take place this coming September 26-28.


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