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Canadian Embassy in Havana designated ‘unaccompanied post’

Relaciuone exterioresDeclaration by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba regarding the Canadian government’s decision to designate its embassy in Havana an ‘unaccompanied post,’ following unusual health symptoms reported in 2017 by some Canadian diplomatic staff and dependants posted to the Cuban capital, according to a statement

The government of Canada has decided to designate its Embassy in Havana an ‘unaccompanied post,’ following unusual health symptoms reported in 2017 by some diplomatic staff and dependants posted to Havana, according to a statement.

Cuba reaffirms that, after rigorous investigations by a group of highly-qualified experts, not even the smallest shred of evidence has been found to explain what may have caused the health issues reported by Canadian diplomatic staff, or any indication that some kind of attack or incident took place in Cuban territory; or that the reported symptoms could be linked to an acoustic or any other kind of action perpetrated by a person, or group of persons, against others.

According to the statement by the Canadian government, there have been no new reports of incidents in over six months, investigations into the potential causes of the unusual health symptoms continue, the results of an environmental assessment did not indicate anything that could point to a cause, and there is no evidence to suggest that Canadian travelers to Cuba are at risk, all of which correspond with observations by Cuban experts.

The government of Cuba respects the decision taken by the government of Canada, but considers it to be unjustified. The Cuban government reaffirms that Cuba is a safe, stable and healthy country for its inhabitants and the almost five million international travelers who visit the island every year, including over one million Canadians, and where the safety of diplomatic personnel from all countries is guaranteed.

Cuba will continue to work constructively with the government of Canada, as it has done thus far, maintaining close communication through diplomatic channels and cooperation between relevant bodies linked to the application of the law, as well as the support of experts at the highest level in efforts to find a conclusive explication as to the cause of the reported health issues. In order to do so, Cuba has reiterated its offer for Cuban and Canadian medical experts to share the available information and work together with the utmost respect for the personal privacy of those affected.

Havana, April 18, 2018

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