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Cuba Moves Forward Constituent Session of New Legislature

cuba-poder-popularThe Council of State of Cuba announced on Monday that the constituent session of the 9th Legislature of the National Parliament, initially scheduled for Thursday 19, has been moved forward to Wednesday 18.

In a brief statement, it explains with the change the authorities seek to facilitate the work of the legislative body in such a relevant session in which the new president of Cuba will be elected.

The inauguration of the new Parliament will take place at Havana’s Convention Center, session in which its 605 newly-elected lawmakers will take the oath and elect the 31 members of the Council of State, its president and vice presidents.

It will also be the culmination of the Cuban electoral process that began late last year.

After a first vote on November 26 with its second round on December 3, the Municipal Assemblies of the People Power were inaugurated on December 17.

On March 11, 7,399,891 citizens -out of 8,639,989- went to the polls to elect the 605 legislators to the National Parliament and 1,265 delegates to the Provincial Assemblies.

According to the National Electoral Commission (CEN), 85.65 percent of Cubans exercised their right to vote as a sign of the popular and inclusive nature of this process.

CEN President Alina Balseiro pointed out 47.44 percent of newly-elected MPs comes from the grass root, while women make up 53.22 percent and lawmakers under 35 years make up 13.22 percent of the total.

(Prensa Latina)

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