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Cuba demands respect in Peru

Lima Cumbre pueblosThe Cuban civil society delegation, attending the 8th Summit of the Americas parallel forums, yesterday denounced serious provocations in Lima, where billboards offending our country were displayed.

During sessions of the Civil Society Forum Coalition 15, deputy dean of the University of Havana Law School, Yuri Pérez, demanded “respect” for Cuba and that the region’s characteristic diversity be recognized.

Pérez denounced “hostile behaviors” and “aggressions” that have appeared on Lima’s avenues over the last few days, in the form of billboards and public announcements slandering the political system chosen by Cubans.

“It concerns us because, if a billboard is erected in the middle of a city, authorization is required, a license that gives permission to place it,” he said.

“We ask the Summit’s organizers, including Peruvian authorities, to pay attention, because we came here with a respectful discourse, but we categorically require respect and also demand respect,” Pérez added.

The Law School deputy dean recalled that the theme assigned Coalition 15, in which the majority of Cubans are participating, is precisely “For an inclusive and respectful world.”

The provocations are part of the strategy being implemented by mercenary groups, with foreign support, to sully Cuba’s image and attempt to present themselves as representatives of Cuban civil society in Lima, despite not having any legitimacy whatsoever within the country.

The cost of the billboards, which have appeared along the city’s central avenues, must surpass thousands of dollars and even reach hundreds of thousands, but the exact origin of the funds required to mount this offensive campaign, is still unknown.

A number of people in Peru were outraged by the counterrevolutionary messages and, in solidarity with Cuba, ripped the billboards and covered the offensive phrases with “Viva, Fidel,” and the phrase that has gone viral here, “Don’t mess with Cuba.”


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