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The revolutionary faith of believing in youth

ujcWe believe in youth, we believe in youth. I repeat myself because believing in youth is an attitude, believing in youth represents a thought.

Believing in youth determines a conduct, and our conduct as revolutionary leaders would not be the same if we did not have faith in youth. If we did not believe in youth, our conduct, our attitude would be different, our work with youth would be different and the results, of not believing or believing, would also be very different.

It is imperative that we believe in youth. Believing in youth is not seeing in youth simply an enthusiastic part of the people, it is not seeing youth as that enthusiastic, but unthinking, part of the people, full of energy but incapable, without experience. Believing in youth is not simply seeing youth with that disdain with which many times adults look upon youth.

Believing in youth is seeing in them, in addition to enthusiasm, ability; in addition to energy, responsibility; in addition to youth, purity, heroism, character, willpower, love of the homeland, faith in the homeland! Love of the Revolution, faith in the Revolution, self-confidence, a deep conviction that youth can, that youth are capable, a profound conviction that great tasks can be placed upon the shoulders of youth!

Fidel Castro

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