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Cuba Celebrates Brain Awareness Week

cerebroWith several activities at a national level, Cuba is celebrating the Brain Awareness Week today, aimed at raising awareness and informing the population about mental disorders and neurological diseases.

The campaign will run until March 30, as organizers said.

The Brain Awareness Week will be celebrated with several scientific events, universities and health centers in the country, the specialist of the Stress and Mental Health Chapter at the Cuban Society for Neurosciences, Justo Fabelo, told exclusively Prensa Latina.

One of the main issues will be the mental and neurological diseases, the psychiatrist noted.

Although these conditions have been historically stigmatizing, they are actually preventable, treatable and rehabilitable, the doctor stated. Within the Brain Awareness Week in Cuba, the specialists will dedicate a space to the World Bipolar Day, which is celebrated on March 30, on occasion of the birthday of painter Vincent Van Gogh, who supposedly suffered it.

According to the World Health Organization, that problem currently affects around 60 million people worldwide and is considered the sixth cause of disability globally.

(Prensa Latina)

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