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Cuban Delegation Attends Assembly of Inter-Parliamentary Union

Mari-MachadoCuban legislators will attend the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) this month, a forum that will have migrants and refugees at the center of their debates, the National Assembly of People”s Power reported today.

According to a press release, the Cuban delegation for the event to take place in Geneva, Switzerland, from March 24 to 28 will be integrated by the vice president of the National Assembly, Ana María Mari Machado, the president of the International Relations Commission, Yolanda Ferrer, and the deputies Magda Pérez and Rolando Patricio.

The main topics of discussion will be the global regime applicable to migrants and refugees, and the need for evidence-based policy solutions, it reported.

Regarding the program, the text indicated that the general debate will begin on March 25 with a high-level session, while on the 27 and 28 will be adopted the resolutions on the so-called emergency point and the topics of the permanent commissions.

According to the Cuban National Assembly, the International Peace and Security Commission will study and adopt a resolution on sustainable peace as a means to achieve sustainable development.

(Prensa Latina) 

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