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Vietnamese Communist Party Secretary to Visit Cuba

Nguyen-Phu-TrongThe General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam (PCV), Nguyen Phu Trong, will carry out an official visit to Cuba from March 28 to 30, it was simultaneously reported in the capitals of the two countries.

Phu Trong will travel to the island on an invitation by the island’s President, Raul Castro, who in turn is also the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party.

The two nations pride themselves on having special bonds of friendship and cooperation.

Cuba was the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with Vietnam on December 2, 1960.

Havana and Hanoi strengthened their fraternity throughout the war of the Indochina nation against the American invasion and for independence and national reunification.

Fidel Castro was the only statesman who visited the country in the middle of the war (September 1973), and his phrase ‘For Vietnam, we are willing to give even our own blood’ strengthened a lasting friendship that will have a new milestone in Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit.

The Vietnamese communist leader will travel to Cuba from France, where he will also pay an official visit, from March 25 to 27, invited by President Emmanuel Macron, the Foreign Relations Commission at the PCV Central Committee said today.

(Prensa Latina)

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