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The peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean come together in Lima

Pintura KingmanParallel to the Eighth Summit of the Americas, taking place mid-April in Lima, Peru, social organizations of the region will hold an event entitled “For the Social Articulation of Our America.”

The encounter is being organized by the United National Command for the Struggle (CNUL), of the General Workers’ Federation of Peru (CGTP); people’s movements; trade unions; civil society networks and platforms; indigenous communities; as well as feminist, youth and social movements, who will come together April 10 through 14.

“The encounter between leaders will take place in a regional context marked by the counter-offensive of the regional right-wing, which is attempting to re-launch the Summit of the Americas in order to promote the Pacific Alliance trade bloc and the political interests of the Lima Group, interests which stand in contrast to those of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean as expressed in UNASUR, ALBA and CELAC,” notes the event announcement.

“In the face of the imperialist and interventionist offensive by the U.S. government led by Donald Trump, we assume the defence of our national sovereignty and regional integration with its own voice,” the organizers continue.

The Summit of the Americas is an event created by the United States, with the first held in Miami in 1994, during the Bill Clinton administration.

However, social movements from Latin America and the Caribbean have always been present, in one way or another, at said encounters to make the demands of the peoples of the region heard.


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