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Cuban Electoral Authority Finalizes Details for General Elections

elecciones comision-nacional-3The Cuban National Electoral Commission (CEN) is finalizing details to hold the general elections, which are scheduled for March 11, CEN Vice President Tomas Amaran asserted today.

During a media conference, the official said they had almost decided the definitive number of electoral colleges, because some territories were still making adjustments, he explained.

This time, when we will hold different elections, compared to those on November 26, when delegates to the national Assembly of People’s Power were elected, around 143 special colleges will be set to make possible that those who, for different reasons, cannot vote in the electoral community where they live are able to do it.

Amaran added that 92 electoral districts had been created in the municipalities with a population that exceeds 100,000 inhabitants. Those authorities, established with the objective of speeding up the process, will work as if they were municipal electoral commissions.

He also said that more than 118 electoral authorities in the structures at all levels have participated in the a long process of training.

According to the CEN vice president, the updating of the list of electors concluded today and the information will be processed until tomorrow to present the definitive lists to the municipal electoral commissions on March 5 at the latest.

Besides, they worked restlessly to print the ballot papers, which had been already taken to the different municipalities, he told the news agency Prensa Latina.

The official recalled that as two votes would be held on March 11, two kinds of ballot papers will be available at the electoral colleges, a green ballot paper to vote for the deputies tyo the National Assembly of the People’s Power and a white ballot paper to vote for the delegates to the provincial assemblies. There will be also two ballot boxes properly identified.

(Prensa Latina)

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