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President Maduro sends a message of unity and peace to Venezuelans

Maduro CiliaPresident of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro posted a video through his Twitter account in which he sent a message of peace and called for unity, alongside several of his ministers.

“We want a United Venezuela, we want a Venezuela in Peace… We want a Venezuela for All. We do not need to raise our voice to say so: Together everything is possible,” the president tweeted.

Meanwhile, Minister of Communication and Information, Jorge Rodríguez, noted that “This is an effort of young Venezuelan filmmakers to include those who for decades were excluded, to send a message to Venezuela and the world of inclusion, hope, peace and of permanent dialogue.”

On Saturday the head of state said he had prepared a “surprise” for Venezuelans and invited them to be attentive at 8:55p.m on Sunday, when he posted the video.


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