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Police confirm second explosion in Oruro was caused by a homemade bomb

Bolivia Oruro mapaBolivian Police Commander Faustino Mendoza confirmed on Wednesday that the second explosion that occurred in the city of Oruro was caused by a bomb consisting of more than three kilograms of dynamite, ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.

He explained that a plastic container and part of a detonator were found at the site of the blast, and three suspects were detained: two men and one woman, all of Bolivian nationality.

Mendoza confirmed that the attack resulted in the death of four people (two adults and two children), in addition to nine injured (one child and eight adults).

Experts from the Directorate of Criminal Analysis and Intelligence (DACI) and Firefighters were deployed to the site to support the investigation of the incident and a complete expert report will soon be provided, he added.

The blast shocked the nation and saw police mobilized to collect evidence regarding what happened, ABI reported.

Meanwhile, it was noted that the explosion on Tuesday was not related to that of Saturday, as the first blast, which left eight dead, also in Oruro, was the result of the explosion of a food vendor’s gas canister.

The Carnival celebrations in the city of Oruro are one of the biggest popular festivities in Bolivia, and one of the most important in the world, with tens of thousands of people flocking to the area to enjoy the dances and make the pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of El Socavón.

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