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The cornerstone of community participation

Eleciones consejo PopularPeople’s Councils are the true, absolutely democratic authority in Cuban neighborhoods, the essential level of the socialist state’s People’s Power system, an idea Fidel outlined, describing these bodies as the cornerstone of community participation in the resolution of problems.

This concept was highlighted by Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, during a recent meeting held in the province, to evaluate a training seminar for presidents of these bodies, with a view toward improving their effectiveness.

Omayda Gómez, president of the Luisa People’s Council in the municipality of Jovellanos, said she considered the training sessions excellent, with much information shared, noting that the exchange of experiences was very useful, especially for those who are taking on the responsibility for the first time.

Also emphasized was the importance of accountability reports presented regularly to the population in neighborhood meetings.

Lazo recommended that presidents of People’s Councils conduct diagnostic investigations and surveys to identify the main problems in every community and their causes. He noted that the coming period will be an extraordinary one, given the international situation and the number of changes underway in the country at this time, emphasizing the importance of staying informed and maintaining unity.

He stressed that the coming general elections must serve as a demonstration of the people’s unity and the Revolution’s strength, in the face of attempts by the U.S. government to undermine Cuba’s sovereignty.


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