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The Havana Malecón preparing to reopen

avenida-malecon-huracan-irmaAfter two weeks of intense work to repair damage caused by Hurricane Irma to Havana’s Malecon, parts of the avenue and its surrounding areas are set to reopen October 1.

The avenue is closed due to repair works currently underway, stated Raúl Díaz Guadarrama, director general of the National Roads Administration Center, speaking to ACN.

He noted that 14 points of damage, mainly to pavements, were identified along the eight kilometer seawall, which is one of the capital’s most famous reference points.

Repairs are being carried out by brigades from the Ministry of Construction, Raúl Roa Contingent, Havana Waters enterprise, Provincial Roads Administration Center and Engineering Works Constructor number five, among other entities, noted Díaz Guadarrama.

Meanwhile, Carlos Díaz Hidalgo, the Ministry of Transport’s provincial director of road infrastructure, noted that over 1,000 cubic meters of concrete has been used in works to repair damage caused by the hurricane.

During a brief tour of areas around the Malecón, ACN witnessed repairs being carried out on recreational centers, such as the José Antonio Echeverría, El Castillito and others located near the sea wall, as well as to the bridge next to the Torreón de La Chorrera.
Likewise, work is underway all the way to F Street, one of the worst affected areas, also to be completed by this weekend.

According to authorities from the National Roads Administration Center, damage to roads at various points across the country was mainly caused by the storm surge, with Havana’s Malecón, and the causeways between the northern keys and mainland; kilometer 46 of the Vía Blanca Highway and various tunnels in the capital, among the worst affected.


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