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Amid right-wing violence, Caribbean activists call on CARICOM to send fact-finding Mission to Venezuela

Venezuela OppositionIn a press release issued last week, members of the Saint Lucia’s Network in Defence of Humanity, St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Venezuelan-Vincentian Friendship Association, Barbados’ Network in Defence of Humanity and Trinidad and Tobago’s Movement for Social Justice stated the mission is imperative to “ascertain the internal situation of Venezuela.”

The coalition calling for the mission wrote that they are “conscious of the history of foreign invasion … and the ignoble record of war, destruction, destabilization and territorial incursion which has frustrated Caribbean development, peace and stability” also called on Caribbean leaders to respect Venezuela’s sovereignty. In turn, they warned of “colluding with external powers to subvert the security of Venezuela,” rejecting the “designation of Venezuela as a ‘threat to the security of the United States.’”

The activists calling for the mission were invited earlier this month to meet with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and to attend a consultation on the Venezuelan government’s decision to convene a national Constituent Assembly to create a new Constitution.

“(We) are mindful of the efforts by Venezuela to assist Caribbean development through initiatives such as ALBA, Petrocaribe, CELAC and teleSUR,” the group stated, highlighting long-standing Venezuelan-Caribbean solidarity. CARICOM itself stated its support for the Bolivarian government just last week.

Earlier this month, David Comissiong, the interim chairperson of the Caribbean chapter of the International Network In Defense of Humanity, had sent a similar letter to Caribbean authorities, also calling for a CARICOM fact-finding mission.

In addition, on Friday, a chapter of the Caribbean Network in Defense of Humanity opened up in St. Lucia, a group made up of activists that will work with Caribbean Network in Defense of Humanity, including those in Venezuela, Cuba and Haiti.

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